The Different Types of Bathroom Remodeling

Most homes in Rockville have multiple bathrooms. You can use one as your master bathroom, and other for guests or even for any other purposes. At Top Remodeling, we offer customized Rockville bathroom remodeling services that would help you to transform such unique spaces according to your specifications.

Rockville Bathroom Remodeling

You can choose between the different remodeling services, depending on the extent and the nature of the work that you are looking to accomplish. Choosing the right kind will help you get desired ROI on your investment. Here are some of the different types of bathroom remodeling services that we offer for homeowners in Rockville.

Cosmetic Bathroom Remodeling

These are relatively simple projects which don’t involve any change in the floor plan, or with plumbing or electricity in most cases. You can add things like a new vanity, sink, flooring, countertops, or new tile on the walls. It’s anything in your bathroom that is going to give it a new style without going too deep below the surface.

Bathroom Redesign

If you have added some family members or roommates, or you have changed the way you use your bath, then you need to redesign your bathroom. You can choose from standard layouts like full or master bathrooms, three-quarter bathrooms, half bathrooms, and the like. You can also choose to implement customized layouts based on your unique needs.

Aging in Place

If you are going to stay in the current home you’re in, then you will eventually need to remodel your bathroom to aging in place. This includes all the changes done to accommodate the needs of aging residents. This can include getting a shower seat, adjusting the height of your toilet seat, and/or adding grab bars to the space.

Current Trends in Rockville Bathroom Remodeling

When you are looking to make your bathroom look and feel more modern or increase its price in the local real estate market, then you need to follow the recent trends in Rockville. As one of the most experienced Rockville bathroom remodeling contractors, we always keep ourselves updated about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling and try to incorporate them into your project as much as possible.

At the beginning of the project, during the planning stage, our team for Rockville bathroom remodeling will have a detailed discussion with you to understand what your goals are. The existing space will also be assessed. This would help us to identify the right trends that would be the perfect match for your bathroom.

Here are some of the trends that have become immensely popular in Rockville in the recent years

  1. Vintage and Retro Elements – Vintage storage cabinets, with ornate designs made from durable hardwood, have been a favorite among residents of Rockville for a few years. Since such elements are made to last, they play a significant role in increasing the value of the property as a whole. Similarly, you can go for elegant, standalone tubs that would add a touch of elegance and act as the main focal point of the bathroom.
  2. Walk in Showers – While shower enclosures remain a popular option, more and more people are opting for walk-in showers. Opening up the shower space will give a relaxed, organic, and natural look to your bathroom, which is going to work great in larger bathrooms. Even if you have a smaller bathroom, then you can just build a partition that would give you the same effect, but also keep the area around it dry.
  3. Body Shower Panels and New Showerheads – If you are looking to bump up the costs, then one of the best things that you can do would be to get body shower panels and new showerheads. These promise to get a more exotic bathing experience. In many Rockville bathroom remodeling projects, we have helped homeowners incorporate them into existing bathrooms. In some cases, they can give an ROI of as much as 67%.

The Process We Follow for Rockville Bathroom Remodeling

The success of your Rockville bathroom remodeling project depends on the process that you follow. At Top Remodeling, we follow a tried and tested method that helps us to shorten the time taken to remodel the bathrooms and also reduce the overall costs.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Process

The overall process can be divided into many different phases. For example, during the planning phase, we would create designs based on your input and give you a detailed estimate of the costs and the time it will take to complete the project.

Another important phase of the project is getting the required permits. You would need to submit the plans and make the application in a specific format to the Building Department of the City of Rockville. Since the city has still not implemented online applications for all permits, getting the right permits will also take time. At Top Remodeling, we offer complete help at every stage of the permit process, starting from making the application, scheduling inspections with the city office, and getting the final approvals.

Here is a brief overview of the process we follow for most of our Rockville bathroom remodeling projects. Your project might not require all of them. Speak to our bathroom remodeling team in Rockville and discover more about your customized bathroom remodeling process.

  • Planning
  • Apply for the required permits
  • Deconstructing existing bathroom
  • Making planning adjustment
  • Working on the electrical systems
  • Install blocking for grab bars
  • Painting
  • Put up the tiles
  • Putting up the shower door
  • Install lighting and exhaust fans
  • Install the sink and other fixtures

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